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It sees the player’s team racing through 3D levels collecting rings and Chaos Emeralds while battling robots and ultimately stopping Dr. Robotnik. As one of the most recognizable video game mascots, Sonic the Hedgehog has a rich history of platforming, puzzle, racing, and arcade game releases. What we realized with these classic gaming franchises, is that Sonic will never be shut down, at least in the near future. The market still exists and the fact that the game expanded to other media helps a lot for games that do not necessarily have the best track record of good games. Sonic Frontiers is going to be released in November of this year, and we can probably expect new games in the future. Another platform game on this list follows Sonic in stopping his nemesis Doctor Eggman from enslaving an alien race.

The first game introduced Sonic, a blue hedgehog who can run at incredible speeds, and Doctor Eggman, a rotund mad scientist. During the Genesis era, Eggman was referred to as Doctor Ivo Robotnik in Western territories. Sega of America’s Dean Sitton made the change without consulting the Japanese developers, who did not want a single character to have two different names. Since Sonic Adventure, the character has been referred to as Eggman in all territories, although the Robotnik name is still acknowledged.

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The second update will celebrate Sonic’s birthday in some way and will include the Open Zone Challenge and new Koco. The final update seems to be the biggest, as it comes with new playable characters and story content. The graphic implies that Tails, Knuckles, and Amy may be the playable characters, though, beyond the presence of the new character Sage, little is revealed about the upcoming narrative. The fact that there are several difficulty levels and the ability to fine-tune Sonic’s speed, jump height, and even damage recovery as part of the in-game options is not a great sign and is indicative of the mish-mash feel. In the end, the lack of focus and consistency makes Sonic Frontiers feel unfinished – even if playing in the solid 60 frames-per-second performance mode is great for capturing and conveying a sense of speed and scale.

  • The invitation was soon accepted and he remained with Naughty Dog until the completion of Uncharted 3 in 2011.
  • Sonic represents “nature”, while Eggman represents “machinery” and “development”—a play on the then-growing debate between environmentalists and developers.
  • Sonic’s speed feels just right, not too sensitive, not too stiff, just smooth and stylish.
  • Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities between the two games end, as what made Galaxy so refreshing and interesting just doesn’t work well for Sonic.

Grab some Xbox gift cards and you’ll always be ready for any digital games, DLC, and anything else that you want to buy. Sonic Origins is a compilation of several classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. Furthermore, in the case of SSB4, he was the first veteran in the series to have a dedicated reveal trailer, followed by Mewtwo, Lucas, and Roy. Of those four characters, he is the only one who is not DLC and whose trailer lacked both splash art and a tagline. Both trailers feature the ending segment of the song that is not included in-game for the Super Smash Bros. series.

All totally optional of course, because that’s Sonic CD. It’s a game for people who aren’t in a hurry, which is a little antithetical to the Sonic ethos… So there we have it, our 8 video game picks to keep you busy after playing Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s full of thought-provoking puzzles and challenges and contains dangerous weaponry from TNT, spikes, and drones. While all is doom and gloom, players will have a robotic cat sidekick on their side that will help them. Ori and the Blind Forest is another breathtaking and unique platformer game.

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This was seen in the first film, and we’re glad it made a return appearance. Once again it’s a reference to the Race Car bed Sonic was shown to have in the Archie Comics line of Sonic comics. Perhaps it also predicted the fact Sonic would end up in a racing franchise where he drives a car despite the fact he can run faster than them? With all of the buzz around Sonic Frontiers and how much the series seems to be changing, the question of whether Sonic is ending seems to climb in the number of searches. Though nothing is ever certain, it’s safe to assume that things won’t be so bleak for the blue hedgehog and his game series in the future. Sonic’s weapon is his spin attack; while jumping, Sonic destroys hostile robots by touch.

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More of a Sega-centric game, Sonic characters still make up the lion’s share of the roster in Transformed, justifying its place on this list. A celebration of everything Sega, Transformed features characters, tracks and music from series like Afterburner, Panzer Dragoon, Jet Set Radio, Super Monkey Ball and so much more. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed betrays itself with its awkward title, because it’s sincerely one of the most fun racing games around, coming very close to matching the quality of Nintendo’s prestigious Mario Kart series. While these slower segments were divisive, in hindsight they don’t play badly at all, and somewhat succeed at breaking up the overwhelming speed featured in the regular daytime stages. Sonic Rush isn’t going to win any awards for its level design. Actually, it suffers from issues the series regularly features, such as cheap instant death pits and drawn out, boring boss fights.

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Many people say that Sonic 3’s music sounds a lot like Michael Jackson’s music. SEGA has not yet confirmed this fact, but several sources have supported these claims, and it’s hard to deny the similarities to Jackson’s music in the game’s soundtrack. The Archie Comics/Saturday Morning continuity is widely considered to be the better Sonic canon, yet rarely shows up in games. In fact, the only game to show off characters like Sally and Bunnie was Sonic Spinball, a spin-off (get it!) game made early in Sonic’s lifetime. He helped to push sales of their new hardware and excited gamers with his new franchise potential. The character has been featured in video games, comics, cartoons, and just about any other form of media out there.

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